3/16″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ White Nylon Rope

SKU: N316NylonRope
(2 customer reviews)

3/16″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ White Nylon Rope

(2 customer reviews)


Made in the USA

Get the strength & versatility for yourself with our 3/16″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ Nylon Rope White. This premium grade nylon rope is ideal for general use applications, both indoors & outdoors. It offers strong, abrasion-resistant properties & is resistant to mold, UV rays, mildew, & chemicals. With its excellent knotting ability, this rope is suitable for various tiedown needs. Available in short lengths & bulk spools, our KnotRite™ nylon rope are proudly made in the US.

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Weight 1 lbs




Break Strength

790 lbs.


Discover the strength & versatility of our 3/16″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ White Nylon Rope. This premium-grade heavy duty nylon rope is designed for general use applications, making it a reliable choice for both indoor & outdoor use. Our patented KnotRite™ design ensures the knots you tie are secured & won’t slip.

Constructed with 100% nylon, our rope offers exceptional strength & durability. It can withstand highly demanding tasks & heavy loads, providing long-lasting performance. Whether you’re securing items, creating crafts, or engaging in general use applications, this nylon rope provides the reliability you need.

The rope is abrasion resistant, making it suitable for rugged environments & high-friction applications. With its additional resistances to UV rays, mold, mildew, & chemicals, this nylon rope is suitable for any use. Whether you need to tie knots, create loops, or fasten objects together, this rope provides excellent knotting ability, ensuring that your applications are secure.

Our 3/16″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ White Nylon Rope is available in short lengths & bulk spools, to meet your specific needs. We take pride in manufacturing our KnotRite™ nylon rope in the US.

2 reviews for 3/16″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ White Nylon Rope

  1. george (verified owner)

    great quality fast service also great price

  2. Richard N Clark (verified owner)

    Excellent product, prompt service and the best price on the internet. It doesn’t get any better than that. 2nd time I purchased from this supplier and have informed several other people of my experience. Give them a try, you won’t be dissappointed.

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