Flagpole Halyard

Flagpole ropes have it hard. The sun, rain and wind take a toll on any rope, and they’re constantly exposed to rubbing and friction from the flagpole hardware such as pulleys and cleats. Solid braid polyester rope from Quality Nylon Rope is low stretch, resistant to UV light, won’t get saturated with water, and is tough enough for any outdoor use. A 100ft length of 1/4” Polyester Rope or 5/16″ Polyester Rope will fit a 50-foot tall flagpole.

For times when you’re going to be leaving the flag up without supervision or have concerns with tampering or vandalism, you may want some extra assurance that the rope is resistant to being cut. For those situations, consider a 1/4″ Wire Core Polyester Rope or 5/16″ Wire Core Polyester Rope .

If you are concerned with high winds and the stress they may put on your flagpole hardware, you may want to consider the 1/4” Nylon Rope or 5/16″ Nylon Rope. Nylon is a more dynamic fiber than polyester, meaning that is will stretch when the flag is hit with a gust of wind, taking on some of the stress that would have otherwise been absorbed by the pulleys and cleats.

Our rope is made in the USA at our facility in Rhode Island and goes through a comprehensive testing process, so you can be sure it’s ready to hoist any flag you want to fly. Check out our entire selection of rope perfect for flagpole halyard below!

Rope Type
4000 ft Spool
50 ft Bulk
100 ft Bulk
100 ft Spool
200 ft Spool
250 ft Spool
500 ft Spool
1000 ft Spool
2000 ft Spool
3000 ft Spool
5000 ft Spool

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