1/2″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ White Nylon Rope

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1/2″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ White Nylon Rope


Made in the USA

The 1/2″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ Nylon Rope White is a premium grade, solid braid nylon rope perfect for a variety of general purpose applications, both recreational & industrial. It is extremely strong, mold-resistant, mildew-resistant, chemical-resistant, & UV resistant. Also, it is excellent for knotting & dying applications. Available in both short lengths & bulk spools, our 1/2″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ Nylon Rope is made here in Rhode Island.


Weight 1 lbs




Break Strength

4000 lbs.


Our 1/2″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ White Nylon Rope is an incredibly strong, high-quality rope perfect for a wide variety of jobs. Manufactured in the US, this rope is resistant to both mold, mildew, & chemicals. It also has the added benefit of being UV resistant, making it perfect for outdoor applications, as it won’t be damaged by the sun’s rays.

Our nylon rope is known for its strength & resilience. It’s strong enough to be used in a range of scenarios, from camping & boating to industrial & construction applications. No matter what you’re using it for, the KnotRite™ White Nylon Rope can stand up to all kinds of pressure. Even when used in extreme conditions our nylon rope won’t let you down.

Our reliable rope can be trusted to get the job done, the 1/2″ Solid Braid KnotRite™ White Nylon Rope is a great choice. It’s strong, resistant, & easy to work with, making it a great all-purpose rope. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a weekend adventurer, you can’t go wrong with our KnotRite™ Nylon Rope.

Available in a variety of spools, it’s perfect for whatever project you’re working on, small or large. Whether you need a few yards of rope for a relaxing outdoor weekend activity or an entire spool for an industrial job, KnotRite™ Nylon Rope is a safe & reliable choice.


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