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Nylon and Polyester are nearly identical in most ways. When it comes to the major specifications such as UV, abrasion and mold resistance and strength are effectively the same.

The main differences between Nylon and Polyester are the stretch and the ability to dye. Nylon rope stretches significantly more than Polyester at break. 100% Nylon rope (such as our Knotrite Nylon) is dyeable where Polyester will not readily accept dye.

When it comes to the bungees stretch and power, these two bungees are comparable. In the industry the main difference between these two fibers are the abrasion and UV resistance. Polyester is naturally more UV resistant and has a higher resistance to abrasion than standard Polypropylene. We use a high tenacity UV treated Polypropylene, which improves the resistance of the Polypropylene to both of these in comparison to much of the other Polypropylene bungee available elsewhere.

Our bungee cords are all manufactured to be roughly 100% stretch, meaning that a 5 ft length will stretch to around 10 ft.

We offer a cotton blend rope as we have found it provides our customers what they want in a cotton rope with better performance than a 100% cotton rope.

When most people are looking for a cotton rope, it is due to that cotton rope appearance and not due to performance factors. Being an organic fiber, cotton does not offer a comparable strength or durability to standard synthetic rope fibers. We use a cotton polyester blend for our jacket, reinforced with polyester strength members, giving you that cotton appearance with the increased strength and durability of polyester.

Our Kevlar rope is a Kevlar core which is protected by a Polyester jacket. This construction takes advantage of the low stretch and high strength of Kevlar while protecting it from abrasion and UV degradation with a durable polyester jacket.

Our construction is very resistant to fraying when cut by scissors. Customers will often cut the rope to length, then gently pass a flame over the cut end to slightly melt the end, sealing the cut fibers together. Another option is to use a hot knife, but if you do not have one available it is a somewhat costly

Most utility applications can be met with standard braided style constructions.

Our braided styles provide a round product ideal for use in pulleys, as draw cords and in fastening applications as they knot and wear very well. Industrial grade polyester fibers in a braided style offer the best overall utility, selection and value.

Twisted style products are often used when strength is needed but roundness and easy knotting are not all that important. Twisted cotton, nylon and polypro are quite popular. Sometimes, twisted styles are used for splicing something to an end such as an anchor.

Hollow braid style products provide low cost and light weight options for fastening or crafts. This construction style is a ‘sleeve” of a product, a braided jacket but no core so it’s flat. Hollow braid is fairly strong and almost always a monofilament polypro (which will float in water), but is not that great for longterm outdoor uses with high UV exposure due to the mono filament fiber.

Most diameters are determined by either the strength needed for the project or the hole they need to pass though. A 3/16” diameter cord or bungee will not pass freely through a hole exactly 3/16” in diameter. Our size chart which references the diameter in comparison to a dime may be a help. Click here to view our sizing guides.

Shipping & Returns

We do our best to ship orders out the next business day after the order is placed. Over 90% of our orders are shipped in that time table. In some cases where with large orders or when there is a high demand on one item it may take us up to 3 business days to ship. Orders placed Friday – Sunday will be shipped as early as the upcoming Monday.

We do not offer expedited shipping directly on the site as due to the nature of our fulfillment as a manufacturer our stock levels can vary day to day depending on order volume. Occasionally we can make an exception once we check stock levels, please contact us if you need us to advise if we can expedite and quote/charge you the additional charge over the phone.

Please note that our UPS pick up time is relatively early, so packages need to be on the dock by 2pm. Due to this we will need to know of any expedited requests before noon EST in order to have time to react.

Of course, we understand that things can change and sometimes people mistakenly order the wrong size. We will happily accept returns of any product that has not been used/cut within 30 days of receipt of your order. You will just be responsible for the return shipping. Once we receive the return we will just confirm the product is in new condition then we will issue a refund to your payment method.

Please contact us at if you need to return something and we will provide you with the needed address and RMA number.

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