1/2″ Twisted Nylon Rope White

SKU: TN16B50-M

1/2″ Twisted Nylon Rope White


Globally Sourced Materials

Our premium grade, 1/2″ Twisted Nylon Rope White is the perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor application. It is strong, abrasion resistant, & UV resistant, making it ideal for long term use. It is also mold, mildew, & chemical resistant, making it incredibly versatile & durable. Available in both short lengths & bulk spools. Not suitable for dyeing


Weight 1 lbs




Break Strength

5670 lbs.


Our high-grade 3 Strand 1/2″ Twisted Nylon Rope is perfect for a wide range of general use applications, both indoors & outdoors, offering exceptional strength & reliability. Its robust 3 strand design makes it ideal for tasks like securing loads or anchoring vessels, ensuring a dependable choice for various jobs.

The rope’s abrasion resistance, as well as its resistance to mold, mildew, UV rays, & chemicals, guarantee its durability even in challenging environments.

The ability to splice the rope allows for versatile use, enabling you to create custom lengths by joining multiple segments together. However, please note that this rope is not suitable for dyeing.

Being globally sourced ensures the rope’s quality & affordability, making it an ideal option for various projects. Whether you need a short length or a bulk spool, this 1/2″ Twisted Nylon Rope White is designed for long-lasting use, providing the perfect solution for your next project.


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