Hog Ring Pliers

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Hog Ring Pliers

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Made in the USA

Secure the perfect hold on your bungee cords with our high-quality Hog Ring Pliers. Designed with an angled design & a spring-loaded handle, these pliers make fastening hog rings fast, easy, & comfortable, making a secure attachment. Get your pliers today and up your bungee game.

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Ensure a tight hold on your bungee cords with our high-quality Hog Ring Pliers. Designed specifically for fastening hog rings, these pliers offer convenience, comfort, & efficiency for rapid  attaching without making your hand sore.

The pliers feature a slight angled design, allowing for a comfortable grip during use. This ergonomic design ensures that you can apply the necessary pressure with ease, reducing strain on your hand or wrist. The angled design also provides better visibility, enabling precise placement of the hog rings.

Equipped with a spring-loaded handle, these pliers automatically open their jaws after each application, allowing for quick & seamless hog ring placement. This feature saves time & energy, enabling you to work efficiently without the need to force your plier back open.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our pliers are durability & long-lasting. The sturdy construction provides a reliable grip, ensuring a secure & tight fastening for your hog rings. With these pliers, you can trust that your bungee cords will stay securely attached.

Upgrade your bungee cord kits with our high-quality Hog Ring Pliers. Their reliable performance, comfortable design, & efficient use make them an essential accessory for working with hog rings.

1 review for Hog Ring Pliers

  1. JT (verified owner)

    Got wrong order but they made it right. Great product. made the right size bungees the first time.
    Thank You

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