5/16″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Red

SKU: BP10B100Red-M

5/16″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Red


Made in the USA

Marine-grade bungee cord made with first-quality rubber. With its long-lasting polyester jacket, ribbed design for better gripping and knotting, UV and abrasion resistance, and approximately 100% stretch capacity, it is a reliable choice. Proudly manufactured in the US.

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Weight 1 lbs





Discover the strength and durability of our 5/16″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Red. Crafted with first-quality rubber & a long-lasting marine-grade polyester jacket, this bungee cord delivers exceptional performance for demanding needs.

With approximately 100% stretch capacity, this bungee cord offers excellent elasticity and recoil properties.The ribbed design of the jacket enhances gripping & knotting capabilities, ensuring secure fastening. UV and abrasion resistance make it suitable for prolonged outdoor use, protecting the cord from sunlight exposure and rough handling.

Our Red Polyester Bungee is proudly manufactured in the US for reliable strength and performance. Available in short lengths and bulk spools,


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