6 Nylon Pad Eyes

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6 Nylon Pad Eyes


Made in the USA

Replace or add your boat or kayak’s pad eyes with our 6-Pack Nylon Pad Eyes. Specifically designed with a 1-3/8″ eye-to-eye measurement, these eyes provide secure attachment points for up to 3/8″ shock cord or rope.

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Upgrade or add to your boat or kayak with the reliability of our 6-Pack Nylon Pad Eyes. These pad eyes are designed to offer secure attachment points for your watercraft.

Each pad eye features a 1-3/8″ eye-to-eye measurement, ensuring optimal spacing for various rope sizes. This measurement was carefully calculated to provide perfect spacing & a secure connection point for your ropes or shock cords.

Crafted from high-quality nylon, these pad eyes offer exceptional durability & resistance to the harsh marine environments. It provides reliable performance & withstands exposure to water, UV rays, & abrasion resistance.

The 6-Pack Nylon Pad Eyes are designed to accommodate up to 3/8″ shock cord or rope. This allows for easy addition with existing or custom bungee systems. Whether you need to secure gear, create customized rigging solutions, or add additional attachment points to your boat or kayak, these pad eyes the perfect solution.


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