5/16″ Bungee Cord Hooks PVC Coated

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5/16″ Bungee Cord Hooks PVC Coated


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Enhance the functionality of your 5/16″ Bungee Cord with our PVC Coated Bungee Cord Hooks. Designed specifically for our bungee cord, these hooks feature a PVC coating and have a 3/4″ opening for easy attachment wherever you need.

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Weight 1 lbs


Our 5/16″ Bungee Cord Hooks are specially designed to perfectly complement our bungee cord. Providing you with a secure & strong attachment solution. Whether you’re securing cargo, organizing equipment, or creating a custom storage solution, these hooks offer flexibility and ease of use.

The PVC coating provides a layer of protection, preventing damage or scratching to the surface you attach the bungee cord to. The coating also enhances the grip, ensuring a firm & secure connection that holds the bungee cord hook in place.

The PVC Coated Bungee Cord Hooks are designed to work seamlessly with our 5/16″ Bungee Cord. Together, they form a great combination with the bungee cord’s strength & elasticity with the secure grip provided by the hooks ensures a dependable solution for a variety of needs.

Upgrade your bungee cords with our PVC Coated Bungee Cord Hooks. Trust in the PVC coating to protect surfaces & provide a sturdy grip. Enhance the versatility of your bungee cord system with our high-quality hooks.


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