4 Black Plastic Hooks for 1/4″ Bungee

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4 Black Plastic Hooks for 1/4″ Bungee


Globally Sourced Materials

Securely fasten your bungee cords with our Plastic Hooks. Designed for use with both 1/4″ & 7/32″ bungee cords, these hooks consist of two pieces that snap together to hold the hook in place. Each hook also features a safety clip for added locking security.

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Our Plastic Hook are specifically designed to hold the cord in place, providing a reliable & convenient attachment solutions. The hooks are compatible with our 1/4″ & 7/32″ bungee cords.

Each hook consists of two pieces that simply snap together, creating a firm & reliable grip on the cord. This snap-together design ensures that the cord remains securely attached, while providing easy assembly. Additionally, the hooks feature a safety clip that locks the connection, preventing accidental detachment.

Upgrade your bungee cord setup with our plastic hooks.Whether you’re organizing equipment, securing cargo, or creating custom storage solutions, these hooks provide a convenient and secure attachment solution.


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