3/8″ Black Polyester Rope

SKU: P38PolyesterRopeBlack
(3 customer reviews)

3/8″ Black Polyester Rope

(3 customer reviews)


Made in the USA

Experience the strength & versatility of our 3/8″ Polyester Rope Black, a premium-grade solid braid style polyester rope perfect for general use. The rope features a strong, 100% marine grade polyester build, low stretch, resistance to mold, mildew, & chemicals, UV stabilization, & excellent knotting capabilities. Available in short lengths & bulk spools. Manufactured in the US.

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Weight 1 lbs




Break Strength

2300 lbs.


Introducing the rope that’s as tough as you are: our 3/8″ Black Polyester Rope.

This isn’t your cheap average hardware store rope. This is a premium-grade workhorse that can handle anything you throw at it, from the most demanding indoor projects to the wildest outdoor adventures.

Here’s what makes our Polyester Rope standout:
Strength that won’t quit: Made from the highest-quality polyester, this rope can hold up to even the most daunting loads. Secure equipment, create custom configurations, or tie secured knots with confidence backed by our rope’s proven track record.
Keeps its cool under pressure: Unlike other ropes that stretch and sag under tension, ours stays put. Its low-stretch properties ensure maximum control and stability, whether you’re hauling logs out of the woods or tying down your gear.
Built to weather any storm: Mold, mildew, and chemicals? No problem. This rope is tough enough to withstand the harshest conditions, so you can use it with confidence wherever your adventures take you.
Knots like a dream: Tying secure knots is easy with this rope. Its smooth surface makes it easy to tie knots without having to worry about knots slipping out of place.

Don’t settle for a rope that’s just ok. Upgrade to our 3/8″ Black Polyester Rope and experience the difference that real quality makes. Available in short lengths and bulk spools, made in the USA.

3 reviews for 3/8″ Black Polyester Rope

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    I purchased 500 ft of 3/8″ Neobraid Polyester Rope in black to use as infill between the upper and lower railings on an outdoor deck. I received very fast delivery on an attractive braided rope with the combined attributes of polypropylene and nylon for my application. I will need a bit more to finish out the project so the option to buy in smaller quantities is also appreciated. Good quality, price and delivery – very satisfied!

  2. Bob Heinonen (verified owner)

    I need a strong, high quality rope that will last outside in the Texas sun and heat. This rope appears to be sturdy and high quality. Now we will see how many years it lasts.

  3. John (verified owner)

    I perform considerable arborist work on my property, so have purchase many high-quality ropes over time, most of them 1/2-inch diameter and above. But few arborist suppliers sell quality polyester ropes in the smaller sizes that I wish to use to support broken tree limbs, or make clotheslines, tie-downs, etc. Happily, I discovered QNR after much online searching, and purchased a 125-foot spool of 3/8″ Polyester Rope. This rope is of spectacular quality. I will surely return again.

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