1/8″ Polyester Rope Blue & White Checkered

SKU: P18PolyesterRopeBlueNaturalCheckered

1/8″ Polyester Rope Blue & White Checkered


Made in the USA

Discover the strength & versatility of the 1/8″ Polyester Rope in Blue & White Checkered. This premium grade solid braid rope is perfect for general  use, both indoors & outdoors. Made with 100% marine-grade polyester, this low-stretch rope is resistant to mold, mildew, chemicals, & UV rays. Available in various lengths, it knots well & is proudly manufactured in the US.

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Weight 1 lbs



Blue / White

Break Strength

316 lbs.


Experience the superior strength and reliability of the 1/8″ Polyester Rope Blue & White Checkered. This premium-grade rope is crafted with a solid braid style using 100% marine-grade polyester, making it ideal for a wide range of general-purpose applications.

Whether you need a versatile rope for indoor or outdoor use, this polyester rope delivers exceptional performance. From securing items during camping trips to creating sturdy clotheslines, this rope offers the reliability you need.

The marine-grade polyester construction ensures optimum durability & longevity. This rope is designed to withstand the harshest environments, making it resistant to mold, mildew, UV & chemicals.

The 1/8″ Polyester Rope Blue & White Checkered boasts low stretch properties, which means you can rely on its stability & control even during the most demanding applications. It maintains its integrity & avoids unnecessary sagging, ensuring secure & reliable performance.

One of the key advantages of this rope is its ability to knot very well. Whether you need to tie secure knots or create intricate designs, this rope offers excellent knotting characteristics, making it easy to work with & wont slip.

Available in various lengths & spools. Whether you require a short length for a specific project or spools for ongoing use, our polyester rope provides flexible options to meet your needs. Proudly manufactured in the US.


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