3/4″ Polypropylene Bungee Cord Black

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(1 customer review)

3/4″ Polypropylene Bungee Cord Black

(1 customer review)


Made in the USA

Made with high-quality rubber for durability, this bungee cord features a UV-treated polypropylene jacket that offers better gripping and knotting capabilities. With approximately 100% stretch, it provides flexibility for various applications. Our bungee is proudly manufactured in the US.

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Discover the strength & versatility of our 3/4″ Polypropylene Bungee Cord Black. Crafted with first-quality rubber, this bungee cord delivers long-lasting performance for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

With approximately 100% stretch capacity, this bungee cord accommodates different levels of tension and stretch, making it flexible for securing lightweight or heavy-duty items. The UV-treated polypropylene jacket ensures durability & protection against sunlight exposure, making it perfect for outdoor applications. Its ribbed design offers better gripping and knotting capabilities, providing secure attachments for various tasks.

Upgrade your equipment with our3/4″ Polypropylene Bungee Cord Black, proudly manufactured in the US for reliable strength and performance.

1 review for 3/4″ Polypropylene Bungee Cord Black

  1. Dave Kinzinger (verified owner)

    we use this product for all of our rental inflatables that require this cord as part of their interaction. Has worked great for all of our purposes

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