3/16″ Polypropylene Black Bungee Cord

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3/16″ Polypropylene Black Bungee Cord


Made in the USA

Experience the strength and durability of our 3/16″ (4.8mm) Black Polypropylene Bungee. Made with high-quality rubber, this bungee cord offers reliable performance and a long lifespan. It is available in short lengths and bulk spools, providing flexibility for your specific needs. The UV-treated polypropylene jacket and ribbed design ensure better gripping and knotting capabilities. With an approximate 100% stretch, this bungee cord is commonly known as shock cord or stretch cord.

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Discover the strength and durability of our 3/16″ Polypropylene Black Bungee Cord. This bungee cord is made with first-quality rubber, ensuring its strength & long life. Whether you need it for securing items, creating DIY projects, or engaging in various applications, this bungee cord delivers reliable performance.

The bungee cord features a UV-treated polypropylene jacket, which provides protection against the damaging effects of sunlight exposure. This ensures the longevity of the cord, making it suitable for outdoor use. The jacket is ribbed, enhancing the cord’s gripping & knotting capabilities. You can rely on this bungee cord to hold securely and provide a strong grip.

With its approximate 100% stretch, this bungee cord offers flexibility and versatility in various applications. It can stretch to accommodate different lengths & provide the desired tension. Whether you’re using it for camping, boating, or DIY projects, this stretch cord offers convenience and ease of use.

In addition to its functional properties, this bungee cord is also commonly referred to as shock cord or stretch cord. These names highlight its elastic nature & the ability to absorb shock or provide tension when needed.

Our 3/16″ Polypropylene Black Bungee Cord is available in both short lengths & bulk spools, allowing you to choose the quantity that suits your requirements. We take pride in manufacturing our bungee cords in the US, ensuring quality and reliability.

Upgrade your equipment and projects with the strength & versatility of our 3/16″ Polypropylene Bungee Black. Experience its reliable performance, UV-treated polypropylene jacket, ribbed design for better gripping and knotting, and approximate 100% stretch. Choose a bungee cord that provides the strength and flexibility you need for a wide range of applications.


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