1/8″ Polyester Rope Red

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1/8″ Polyester Rope Red


Made in the USA

Explore the versatility & strength of our 1/8″ Polyester Rope in Red, an ideal choice for various indoor & outdoor general use applications. Made in the USA, this premium grade polyester rope offers low stretch, excellent resistance to mold, mildew, chemicals, & UV rays.

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Weight 1 lbs




Break Strength

316 lbs.


Introducing our premium 1/8″ Polyester Rope in Red, renowned for its performance & reliability. Made from 100% marine grade polyester, this rope boasts remarkable resilience & longevity.

The ropes inherent strength ensures reliable performance in demanding situations, while the low stretch properties contribute to enhanced stability. Whether you’re tying down equipment, or creating tension lines, this polyester rope delivers consistent results.

In addition to its strength, our polyester rope is highly resistant to mold, mildew, UV, and chemicals. This feature makes it well-suited for use in environments where exposure to moisture or harsh substances is a concern.

One notable advantage of our polyester rope is its ease of knotting. With its flexibility & exceptional knot-holding ability, you can create secure & reliable knots that hold up under pressure. This feature proves invaluable in various applications, whether you’re camping, boating, hiking, or DIY projects.

Our 1/8″ Polyester Rope Red is available in both short lengths & bulk spools. Whether you require a compact length for smaller tasks or a larger quantity for extensive projects, we have you covered. Our polyester rope is manufactured in the US.


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