1/8″ Polyester Rope Neon Yellow

SKU: P18PolyesterRopeNeonYellow

1/8″ Polyester Rope Neon Yellow


Made in the USA

Discover the versatility & vibrancy of our 1/8″ Polyester Rope in Neon Yellow. This premium grade polyester rope is ideal for general-purpose use outdoors. It offers excellent strength, low stretch, & resistance to mold, mildew, chemicals, & UV rays. The rope vibrant coloring makes it an ideal choice for construction or other safety uses.

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Weight 1 lbs



Neon Yellow

Break Strength

316 lbs.


Get the versatility of our 1/8″ Polyester Rope in Neon Yellow. This premium grade polyester rope, also known as solid braid style polyester rope, is the perfect choice for a wide range of general-purpose applications.

Crafted from 100% marine grade polyester, this rope boasts superior strength & resilience. It is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments. Whether you need it for securing items, creating tension lines, or engaging in recreational activities, our polyester rope delivers consistent results.

One of the remarkable features of our polyester rope is its low stretch properties. Unlike ropes that elongate under tension, our rope maintains its stability & shape, providing reliable support & load-bearing capabilities.

Our polyester rope is highly resistant to mold, mildew, UV, & chemicals, ensuring longevity & durability. This resistance makes it suitable for use in environments where exposure to moisture or harsh substances is common.

The knotting ability of our polyester rope is exceptional, allowing for secure & reliable knots. This feature helps when using the rope for various purposes, such as camping, boating, crafting, or DIY projects.

Our 1/8″ Polyester Rope Neon Yellow is available in both short lengths and bulk spools. Whether you need a compact length for smaller projects or a larger quantity for extensive applications, we have you covered. Manufactured in the US.


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