1/4″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Neon Orange

SKU: B14BungieCordPNeonOrange
(2 customer reviews)

1/4″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Neon Orange

(2 customer reviews)


Made in the USA

Durable and resilient, our 1/4″ Neon Orange Polyester Bungee offers marine-grade strength for your toughest tasks.


Weight 1 lbs



Neon Orange


Introducing our 1/4″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Neon Orange – a testament to quality and durability. Manufactured in the US, our bungee cord promises strength, longevity, and reliable performance under challenging conditions.

Our bungee stands out for its first-rate rubber core, guaranteeing impressive elasticity and an approximately 100% stretch. Ideal for a myriad of uses, it offers a perfect blend of flexibility and endurance. Whether you need it for boating, cargo securement, crafting, or other demanding tasks, our bungee cord won’t let you down.

Crafted with a marine-grade polyester jacket, this bungee cord defies the harsh elements that usually wear down standard ropes. The ribbed jacket not only ensures better grip and knotting but also offers enhanced resistance to UV rays and abrasion, adding to the bungee cord’s lifespan.

Also known as shock cord or stretch cord, our bungee is available in both short lengths and bulk spools, catering to your diverse needs. With its vibrant neon orange color, it also adds a touch of visibility, making it easier to locate amid other equipment.

Experience the fusion of practical design and premium quality with our 1/4″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Neon Orange.

2 reviews for 1/4″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Neon Orange

  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Quality shock cord. However the company went above and beyond to make a misunderstanding perfect. Thanks guys. You didn’t have to. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Paul Eusey

    Good Bungee at a good price….

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