1/4″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Hunter Green

SKU: B14BungieCordPHunterGreen

1/4″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Hunter Green


Made in the USA

Experience premium durability with our 1/4″ Hunter Green Polyester Bungee, perfect for marine applications.


Weight 1 lbs



Hunter Green


Introducing our 1/4″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Hunter Green – the embodiment of durability and high performance. Proudly manufactured in the US, this bungee cord delivers exceptional strength and longevity, promising consistent and reliable service in various conditions.

The core of our bungee cord is composed of top-tier rubber, providing superior strength and roughly 100% stretch. This outstanding elasticity makes it an excellent choice for diverse uses, offering the perfect balance between resilience & flexibility. Whether it’s for securing cargo, boating applications, crafting projects, or more, our bungee cord is designed to rise to the challenge.

Featuring a marine-grade polyester jacket, our bungee cord is built to withstand the severe environmental conditions that typically degrade ordinary ropes. The ribbed jacket not only ensures an improved grip and knotting but also provides enhanced resistance to UV rays & abrasion, significantly increasing the life expectancy of the bungee cord.

Commonly referred to as shock cord or stretch cord, our bungee is available in both short lengths & bulk spools to accommodate all your requirements. Its distinctive hunter green color lends it an attractive appearance while enhancing its visibility amongst other equipment.

Experience the harmonious blend of thoughtful design and superior quality with our 1/4″ Polyester Bungee Shock Cord Hunter Green.


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