How To Replace A Tent Guyline (Video + Infographic)

Just in time for camping season, QNR has multiple helpful resources on replacing tent pole guylines. We’ve made a printable infographic as well as a short YouTube video to help you get your tent line replaced quickly!

How To Replace A Tent Guyline - YouTube

Learn how to replace a tent guyline in under 2 minutes. Be sure to  subscribe to our YouTube channel for more “How To” videos!

Not getting the picture? Here is the 8-step process  outlined in the infographic:

Step 1: Measure & cut replacement guyline to the length of the existing guyline.

Step 2: Tie a loop in one end.

Step 3: Pass guyline through tensioner and tie knot at the end.

Step 4: Hook anchor through lower loop & pull through.

Step 5: Pass looped end through loop on tent.

Step 6: Pass tensioner end through loop.

Step 7: Pull through to secure guyline to the tent loop.

Step 8: Anchor stake to ground and pull tensioner up to tension guyline.


It’s important to use reflective cord when replacing guylines. Reflectability and bright colors help reduce the tripping hazard guylines are known to cause. Using cords like  ShineLine will increase the visibility of your guylines day and night. 

Infographic: Replacing A Tent Guyline

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Happy camping!