​21 Brilliant Ways To Use Bungee Cord [DIY]

Bungee cords typically bring to mind images of adventure sports or utilitarian household tools, however bungee cord actually has a plethora of uses and home hacks. Bungee doesn’t just have to be for cliff diving or roof rack tie downs – think outside the box.

It’s time to get creative– here are 21 brilliant ways to use bungee cord!

1. Toy Holder

A cool use for bungee cord is this toy organization unit! This creation will help you keep the toys off the floor and help your garage stay neat and clean. All you need to do is construct two horseshoe shapes with some wooden planks, and then mount them to the wall a few feet apart. From there, drill holes in the wooden planks and string bungee cord from top to bottom; this creates a caged pen for any clutter!

2. Shower Curtain Rod

This is a great fix in a pinch when your shower rod is broken. Just take some screw-in hooks and hook the cord across your shower, using shower rings to attach the curtain. Since you can cut bungee cord to any length you want, it makes the perfect small space solution.

3. Yoga Mat Holster

Are you an on-the-go yogi? If so, then this is the project for you! Once you roll your mat, you just loop two cords of bungee on either end and then take a third cord and hook it onto the two cords holding the matt closed. This third bungee creates the perfect strap for carrying your mat around.

4. Laundry Line

If you’re a city dweller, another great use for a bungee cord is a laundry line. Since bungee stretches and contracts, it’s a one size fits all solution! Just hook the cord on a railing and then hook the other end wherever it stretches.

5. Baby Or Dog Gate

Bungee cord is also a great tool for baby or puppy proofing. Using bungee cord and a piece of fabric, you can create an easy to install and easy to remove gate. Simply fold the edge of the fabric over the bungee cord, and sew it to itself. This loop allows the bungee to still stretch, and the fabric to stay taught. This barrier will keep wandering tots and doggies from getting into trouble, without the day-to-day inconvenience of a bulky plastic gate.

6. Bookshelf Embellishment

Floating shelves are all the rage right now, but if you’re looking for a little extra security, bungee might be the perfection solution. Using drawer pulls and bungee cord, add a little twist to your classic floating shelves. Mount the knobs on the wall, and loop your bungee cord on each knob. This keeps your books and collectibles secured and adds some intrigue to your decor.

7. Tech Cord Organizers

Everyone has that one drawer that houses a cringeworthy tangle of technology. With all of your devices cords and cables, it can be hard to stay organized. Use bungee cords to secure chargers together, to eliminate your cord chaos! Try putting each end of your bungee cord through a wine cork to make a twistable closure.

8. Pots & Pans Organization

If you’re in need of a space saving solution for your pots and pans, bungee cords may be the answer. Using two command hooks and some bungee, you can create a lid holster on the inside of a cupboard door. Position the hooks on the bottom so that the lid will rest on them, and then stretch the bungee cord across the lid, strapping it to the cupboard.

9. Photo Display

If you’re looking for a combination of fashion and function, and this project achieves just that! Use thumbtacks or command hooks to attach bungee cord to the wall. You will also use tacks or hooks to create a shape and structure for the bungee cord to follow. Add photos using clothespins or paper clips.

10. Double Curtain Rods

Want to get the elegant look of double curtain rods? Bungee cord can help you get the look at a much lower cost. Just stretch a bungee cord from each rod bracket and string your curtains on the cord.

11. Bungee Shoelaces

This is a great craft for kids. If your children have trouble tying their shoes, bungee cord can make life a little easier. Just string the cord through the eyelets of your sneakers and voila – instant slip-on sneakers!

12. Catapult

A nice way to add some color to your bedroom, bungee cord can really spice up your decor! Simply stretch bungee along the frame of the headboard to make a variety of colors and shapes. Don’t have a headboard? Construct a wood frame, and drill holes to put the bungee through for a more permanent design.

14. Stretchy Chair

Another furniture project, bungee can create a unique chair for your home. Buy an unfinished wooden chair, and replace the seat and backrest with bungee for a modern and minimalist look.

15. Wall Organizers

When your closet starts to burst at the seams, try this tactic to organize your accessories. Attach some bungee cord to a wooden board, and hang it on the wall. Drape your accessories over the cord, and voila! Now you can display all your coolest pieces.

16. Secured Table Cloth

Everyone who has ever had a picnic knows that a windy day can destroy the fun! Prevent that from happening by stretching bungee cord over the table to strap the tablecloth down.

17. Plate Shelves

If you’re looking to organize your kitchen shelves, try a bungee cord plate rack. Using command hooks, you can create a string system to hold all your prettiest plates. They’ll be well displayed as well as nice and secure!

18. Baby Proofing

If you’ve got a baby in the house, it’s important to make sure you’ve got the proper protection in place. Bungee cord threaded through the handles of your drawers is a great way to keep children from getting them open.

19. Paper Towel Holder

This trick will save you some precious counter space. Hook the bungee cord on your wire shelves and slide a paper towel roll on!

20. Garbage Bag Security

Another kitchen hack, this trick keeps your garbage bag from slipping into the bin! Wrap a bungee cord around the lip of your garbage can, and you’ll never worry about messy trash again.

21. Shoe Rack

If your shoes are piling up beside the door, this shoe rack will save the day! Use a simple plywood board and drill 4-6 sets of holes. Thread bungee cord through the holes and pull tight. Now you can mount the board to the wall and add your shoes!

So you now know 21 brilliant uses for bungee cord! It doesn’t have to stop there; there are so many ways to use bungee cord and rope. Read more about bungee storage solutions, or check out our list of 27 Genius Uses for Rope Around the House