​Best Uses For Tarp & How To Secure And Install It

They say that there’s greatness in simplicity – and that’s certainly true of tarps. Despite their unassuming appearance of their simple, synthetic fabric, tarps are a valuable tool for countless outdoor tasks. And at Quality Nylon Rope, we have the perfection solution of products to ensure you can utilize the high-quality tarps.

Here are some of tarp’s best uses and how to secure and install it:

Outdoor Uses For Tarp

  • Raking leaves: Rake leaves onto a tarp and wrap up the edges for easy transport.
  • Preserving firewood: Use tarp to cover your firewood and keep it dry.
  • Covering furniture: Protect outdoor furniture from harsh weather with a sturdy tarp.
  • Wind and protection: When camping, a tarp with UV resistance can help to shield you from the elements.
  • Makeshift shelter: Hang up a tarp at your campsite to act as a temporary shelter.
  • Covering plants in cold weather: Cover your plants overnight with tarp to protect them from frost.

Use Rope To Secure Your Tarp

Clearly, tarps have many useful applications. Whatever its purpose, use the appropriate accessories (e.g. rope and/or hooks) to help keep your tarp secure:
  • 5/16” black bungee cord
    The 5/16” bungee is a popular choice as it will fit through almost any size grommet and it can be used with or without hooks. What are the other benefits of using this larger sized rope? With the width of the 5/16”, it is strong enough to hold your tarp firmly in place. At the same time, this bungee maintains enough flexibility to stretch in high winds. This means that the bungee (not the grommet) absorbs all of the shock, thus, preventing the grommet from tearing. Find the 5/16” diameter black bungee here.
  • 5/16” bungee cord hooks, PVC-coated
    Hooks are a valuable accessory as they allow you to fasten your tarp more securely and more easily. Instead of tying a knot, you only need to unhook and hook your tarp to adjust it. Also, our hooks are UV stabilized and made with weather-ready molded nylon. This means that you don’t have to worry about rust ruining your motorcycle, grill, patio set, bicycle, or whatever it is you are securing. Find 5/16” bungee cord hooks  here.
  • ¼” polypropylene cordage
    Like the 5/16” bungee, the ¼” polypropylene cordage can fit through most grommet sizes. Its large diameter provides maximum strength, and it retains enough flexibility to combat high winds. And, like all of our Quality Nylon Rope products, the ¼” polypropylene is made in the USA. Find the ¼” polypropylene cordage here.
  • ¼”-5/16” diameter KnotRite nylon rope
    To keep your tarp secure without compromising easy accessibility, fasten it only at the four corners. The KnotRite nylon rope is ideal for this task as its strength will keep your tarp secure with only limited fixtures. Find the KnotRite nylon rope here.

Install Your Tarp Carefully

In order to preserve the integrity of your tarp, it is important to be mindful of the outdoor elements.

For instance, excessive rain or snow puddling can add significant weight to your tarp. This can pull at the tarp’s construction, causing premature tearing or seepage.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent potential damage:

  • Install tarps with a central high point. With this method of installation, you can take advantage of gravity to help keep rain and/or snow off of your tarp.
  • Install your rope in a sunny location, if possible. Keeping your tarp in a warm, dry environment will help to prevent excessive condensation, which can lead to mold and mildew.
  • Check your tarp for creases. After installation, check that there are no heavy creases or folds in your tarp – these can attract moisture, mildew, or even bugs.

The beauty of the tarp is its simple efficiency. When secured carefully with rope, it is the perfect do-everything tool for all of your outdoor applications. 

Here is a recap of the perfect tarp solution of quality products, all made in the U.S.A.:


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