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Do I Need a UV Resistant Rope?



In the summertime, we are constantly being reminded to wear sunscreen. But did you know that your rope needs protection from the sun too? For all of your outdoor activities this summer, it is crucial to remember to use a quality rope with UV resistance.

Here’s why you need UV resistant rope, and which kinds of rope can withstand the sun:

Why you need UV resistant rope

UV resistance may not be something you immediately think of, but it is a major requirement for a strong, quality rope for outdoor projects.

Any rope that is exposed to the sun must be fortified to resist UV damage. This kind of exposure can weaken the core of the rope and, thus, compromise its strength and its ability to hold up over time.

In order to maintain the integrity of your rope and to ensure that it will function as desired, make sure that is UV resistant.You will need this UV resistant rope for all outdoor activities, particularly boating and construction activities.

Differing levels of UV resistance

So, now you know you need a UV resistant rope for your next outdoor project, but what kind of rope is that exactly? Keep in mind that not all ropes are UV resistant and that some are stronger than others.

We’ve broken down 6 popular kinds of rope and assessed their UV resistance:

  • Nylon - Excellent
  • Polyester - Excellent
  • Kevlar - Traditionally, this is not a rope with UV resistance. However, at Quality Nylon Rope, we cover our kevlar ropes in polyester; so, our kevlar ropes are also an excellent choice of UV resistant rope.
  • Polypropylene - Not good
  • Cotton - Not good
  • Manila/Jute - Not good

This summer, remember to protect both yourself and your rope from the sun. This means stocking up on the SPF and using rope with excellent UV resistance.

Get ready for your next outdoor summer activity. Find UV resistant nylon, polyester, and kevlar ropes at Quality Nylon Rope

(And don’t forget the sunscreen!) 

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