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#DIYROPE Monthly Contest at QNR


Black and White Polyester Purse

At Quality Nylon Rope, we want to help you get the job done - that’s why we offer you hundreds of different kinds of rope. And you always impress us with your unique rope product creations. It’s time to showcase your work. Join our #DIYROPE monthly contest and let us see what you’re making with our rope.

Check out some past submissions and how you can be a part of the #DIYROPE monthly contest.

#DIYROPE Monthly Contest Past Winners & Submissions

When shopping for rope at QNR, you can find anything from nylon to polyester, or manila to kevlar. What you make with it is up to your imagination. Need some inspiration? Here are two recent winners of the #DIYROPE monthly contest.

Walking Stick

One of our customers creates walking sticks from damaged trees found along the creek banks in western New York state. But he needed the right material with which to fashion an appropriate handle. Enter our nylon rope.

This customer took advantage of the impressive 4000 lb break strength of our ½” Solid Braid KnotRite Nylon Rope to create a secure, but lightweight wrist grasp. Now, he can use his walking stick for added mobility or unwrap the rope handle when needed to act as an extra tool to repair gear.

The ½” Solid Braid KnotRite Nylon Rope is available in spools from 50 ft to 1000 ft. It is UV stabilized and mold, mildew, and chemical resistant, making it a perfect choice for various outdoor applications.

Explore our wider selection of nylon ropes here.


Another submission from our #DIYROPE monthly contest is a black and white polyester purse. This is a great, easy DIY craft that can act as anything from a fruit bowl in the kitchen to a decorative coffee table centerpiece.

To make this unique rope creation, the customer used our 1/8” diameter polyester cord. Available in both black and white options, this premium grade rope is perfect for general purpose applications. The solid braid style allows for the awesome multi-color design. You can find the 1/8” Polyester Rope in spool lengths between 250 ft. and 5,000 ft.

Send us your rope creations!

Do you have a unique rope product creation that you would like to share with us? Enter our #DIYROPE monthly contest and let us see what you’ve created!

Winners will receive a $25 Visa gift card! New winners will be selected every month.

Upload a photo of anything that you’ve made using materials from Quality Nylon Rope to be featured in our email, blog, and social media. Email us or post your photos to our Facebook page .


Need a little inspiration to get you started?

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