27 Genius Uses For Rope Around The House [DIY]

Rope is used for many things in the outdoors. Anchors, rigging, hunting, tie downs…you name it, rope can probably help you out somehow. What most people don’t realize though is that rope can be used for countless, everyday applications around your house. 

From art to home improvements and interior decorating, there are some incredibly creative (and practical) uses for rope that you need to know about, so our team at  Quality Nylon Rope put together a list below.

1. Rope Sign

One of best ways to incorporate rope around the house is with a sign. By gluing rope to a board, you’ve got a quick, cute and very easy DIY project. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even cover the rope in glue, then form the rope in the letters you need, leaving it to dry. This creates a freestanding, floating letters sign.

2. Rope Bowl

This project is great because it can be used in so many ways. You can make rope bowls and use them to store spare change, jewelry, car keys – whatever you want really! Simply use glue to set the rope into a coil shape, and just like that you’ve got a nice little rope bowl.

3. Rope Jewelry

If you’re looking to add some rope to your wardrobe, jewelry is a great place to start. You can easily make bracelets and necklaces with rope, giving your outfit a cute nautical feel! Braid it, twist it, bead it – whatever you want! If you’re an advanced jewelry DIY-er you can even try rope earrings as well.

4. Home Shelving

If you think you’d like to hang some shelves, consider using rope to add a little flare! You can create a multi-layer shelf system, while being super trendy. Tie the rope around your shelves, suspend the system on the wall and let the shelves hang.

5. Rope Rug

If you’ve got a talent for weaving, here is a great project where you can braid a small mat. Line up rope lengths and begin by weaving another smaller type of rope through. Continue from end to end and you’ve got a rug!

6. Pet Toys

Even man’s best friend can use some rope! Create a chew toy for your dog by tying some rope in a loop, or just two knots on each end. You can then fray the ends for a more stylish, fun toy. 

7. Cat Scratching Post

We can’t forget about kitty cats! This super easy scratching post will provide hours and hours of entertainment for your pet. Just take any piece of wood or cardboard box, and wrap it with rope. As you wrap, add a thin line of glue to help keep the rope in place.

8. Tire Rope Ottoman/Stool/Coffee Table

This project would make a great addition to any living room! Rope covered ottomans, stools and coffee tables are super popular (and expensive) from big brand stores these days. But you can actually do-it-yourself in not much time and for much cheaper. Just take a tire and place a thin piece of cardboard or particle board over the opening.Then begin coiling the rope around the tire, using a hot glue gun as you go. If you’d like you may choose to seal it by using a wood finisher, or mod podge.

9. Rope Drawer Handle

This project is so easy, and it looks great! If you have drawers, trays, or baskets, consider adding a rope handle. You can easily thread the rope through the holes and tie a large, sturdy knot. If you’d like, try burning the end of the rope – this will help seal it.

10. Picture Rope Hanger

Pictures are another cool way to incorporate rope into your home. You can use rope to hang picture frames, or you can use rope to create a picture frame. Both add a really nice nautical, or natural aesthetic to your decor. 

11. Hanging Plant Rope Pot Holder

If you’re someone who enjoys gardening, but live in a small space, or if you just like to have a little greenery indoors, try creating this macrame hanging plant pot holder. To hold the pot in place, use a few strands of rope, tie them together at one end and then braid, knot and weave the rope into any design you’d like!

12. Rope Keychain

This is one of the simplest projects you can try. We recommend finding an old key ring, or buying one, looping some rope through the ring, and beginning to braid or knot it. Like so many of these projects you get to decide how you want to do it!

13. Rope Dog Leash

Another treat for the pup! Your dog will love this nautical leash. Just purchase a length of rope – as long or short as you’d prefer, and a claw hook. 

Create a loop at each end of the rope, one end where you’d like to be able to hold and one end with the claw hook. To seal these loops we recommend burning the rope, and using another thinner rope or string to create an embellishment, while making the hold stronger.

14. Coiled Rope Basket

Storage lovers rejoice! For this project, all you need is a cardboard box, some rope and a little scrap of fabric. Line the box with fabric, letting a little curl over the top edge of the box. Then beginning from the bottom, coil rope around the box, until you reach the top edge. 

Coil until you’ve covered the fabric edge, coiling over a tiny bit of fabric. Ta-da! Cheap but very easy storage solutions!

15. Rope Vases

Rope vases are such a creative way to display flowers. To create a rope vase, it is a process similar to the rope bowls. Coat the rope in glue, and begin coiling! Since the flowers will need water, we recommend using a real glass vase, and coiling the rope around it. If you’re creating a vase for silk flowers, you don’t need to use a glass container. You can just freestyle it!

16. Rope Table Legs

This is a great way to embellish a simple table. Whether you’ve got a round table, square or rectangular table, no problem – this works on every type. This example uses a super thick, braided rope, coiled around the center stand. You could also do a thinner rope, around four table legs.

17. Rope Napkin Rings

Another dining room addition – rope napkin rings will add just the flair you’re looking for at your next dinner party! Using glue or mod podge, wrap rope around a cardboard toilet paper roll and let it dry. Use the glue sparingly so that you can remove the ring from the paper towel.

18. Rope Tote Bags

Now to add some rope to your outfit, try using rope for tote bag handles. It’s simple and easy, but totally cute. Just push the rope through the handle holes, knot – and go! Or if you’re looking for more of a project, you can make an entire hand bag out of rope. Search for crocheting pattern and you’ll be able to create a beautiful bag like the two below!

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19. Rope Pendant Light

How great are these rope pendant lights? If you’d like to add a new look to your kitchen, this is a great way to do so without rewiring or calling an electrician. You can easily wind some rope around existing lights’ cord, creating a similar effect as the lights pictured below.

20. Curtain Pull Backs

Another great DIY home project involving rope is rope curtain pull backs. You can mount metal loops or hooks to the wall to pull the curtains to one side or you can just tie your curtains with some rope and let them hang!

21. Rope Lampshades

Another coiling project–all you need for this super adorable lampshade is a plain lampshade, glue, and a rope! Begin by gently gluing a little bit of rope, then begin coiling, continuing gluing as you work! Then just put the lampshade back on the lamp, and you’re good to go.

22. Rope Stair Railing

With this project you can either make a thick handrail, or use the rope as a more decorative look on an existing staircase. For a handrail, get some metal loops, attach them to the wall, and then thread the rope through. For a more decorative approach, you should add some loops or handles to an existing banister.

23. Flip Flops

Another easy project, you can use rope to decorate your shoes! If you like espadrilles woven sole, you can can get the same vibes with a rope flip flop. Just take a pair of plain sandals, and glue rope to the thong or wrap rope around it. It’s as easy as that.

24. Rope Chair

This chair is a great addition to any modern or contemporary styled home. Just take 50ft of ½” thick rope and an existing chair frame. This project used a natural fiber rope, but you can use whatever you’d like. Just make sure to fill in the seat enough to make the chair comfortable!

25. Rope Headboard

This is a great way to make your room look more luxurious for less money! Headboards make a room feel more complete, and a woven rope headboard can be very pricey at big brand stores. Here you can cover an old door or a piece of plywood with rope and hang it from the wall!

26. Rope Lamp

Once again, another great way to make your bedroom stand out for cheap! First, make a  ‘monkey knot’ using cotton rope around a 5-inch foam sphere, then using hot glue wrap the base of the lamp with a little more of the cotton rope. Lastly, attach each of the pieces and you’re done!

27. Rope Coaster

At this point in the list you might have thought you’ve seen it all, but think again! These nautical themed coasters will definitely start some conversations at your home this summer. Again, you’ll be doing some coiling so you’ll want to have some hot glue. Go  here to see exactly how to create these.  

There you have it. 27 genius ways to use rope around the house. What’d we miss? Which one are you going to try out? Let us know on Twitter!