What’s In Your Bungee?

When you start a new project, you want to make sure that you’re using the best materials for the job. How do you know if the products you have are top quality? Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. So, ask yourself: what’s in your bungee?

Wondering what’s in your bungee? Here’s how QNR’s bungee stacks up to its competitors:

What’s In Your Bungee From QNR?

1st Quality Natural Latex Rubber Strands

At QNR, all of our bungee shock cord use only 1st quality natural latex rubber strands. Most of these strands are light gray in color and come from the Philippines or other hot, humid climates.

The high quality bungee at QNR is suitable for many diverse applications, but it is most commonly used for automotive purposes requiring elastomers. (Elastomers are synthetic or natural polymers with elastic properties.)

Gauged Round Rubber Strands

The bungee at QNR uses gauged round rubber strands–this is crucial for creating bungees that are strong and reliable.

First, gauged round rubber strands offer better diameter control. They also offer superior longevity. When you bend these gauged strands, each strand acts independently (unlike when you bend folded rubber sheets or solid rubber cores). This means that less heat accumulates, consequently, leading to a longer life for the bungee.

Low Additive Content

Our natural rubber strands are low in additive content. When you’re considering what’s in your bungee, it’s important to remember: you want a low, not a high, additive content, because the more additives there are, the more the integrity of the bungee will be compromised.

Wide Temperature And Size Range

When you get your bungee from QNR, you’re getting strength and diversity.

First, the bungee is strong because it can withstand a range of temperatures. Our rubber can be used in a temperature range of -65℉ to 175℉. However, it is important to note that, in cold water applications (like in a lobster pot), the bungee will stretch and retract slower than in lukewarm or warm water.

Next, the bungee is diverse because it is available in a variety of sizes. Find the bungee you need from QNR in any size from ⅛” to ¾” and in a selection of colors.

The Jacket

Another important part of the bungee to consider is its jacket.

At QNR, we use only industrial grade polyester and polypropylene fibers for our bungee jackets. Specifically, polyester is a top choice for a bungee’s jacket due to its excellent abrasion resistance, UV stability, and its general protection of rubber and cost.

What’s In Your Bungee From Other Providers?

2nd Quality Rubber

Comparatively, in other providers’ stretch cord products, only 2nd quality rubber is used in strands, small folded sheets, and solid rounds.

You may be wondering: Why is 2nd quality rubber a poor choice for bungees? After all, how bad could second place really be?

Unfortunately, when you use 2nd quality rubber, it compromises the quality of your entire project. You don’t want to produce a second rate project, do you?

High Additive Content

While 1st quality rubber boasts a low additive content, 2nd quality rubber has a compromising, high additive content.

One of the most common additives in rubber strands is clay. Unfortunately, when there is a high amount of additives present, it negatively affects the stretch of the bungee. The rubber becomes dry, brittle, and easily breakable and, thus, has an inferior strength and a shorter lifespan.

The Jacket

In order for a bungee to be strong, durable, and reliable, it must have an industrial grade polyester or polypropylene jacket. However, unlike QNR, many providers only use apparel grade fibers for the jackets of their bungees.

Apparel grade fibers cannot maintain performance nearly as well as industrial grade fibers, as they are simply lower quality. For example, apparel grade fibers degrade easily in UV exposure, causing both their color to fade and their strength to weaken.

If you want your project to stand the test of time, you’ll need a bungee made with strong, industrial grade fibers–not their flimsy, apparel grade counterparts.

When you start gathering materials for your next project, remember to ask yourself: what’s in your bungee? Don’t settle for anything less than top quality.

You’ll only find this top quality bungee at QNR.

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