What Should I Get – Nylon Or Polyester Rope?

Nylon Or Polyester Rope?

You can get whatever rope best fits your application, but most folks go with Polyester.

Here’s why  All of our nylon and polyester products are manufactured with industrial grade fibers. Since about the mid 1980’s, these industrial grade fibers are so close in performance that most suppliers and retailers use them interchangeably. Either way, many simply label them as nylon due to it being a well-known rope fiber.

What’s the difference?

How do they perform? – Nylon stretches more than polyester at break (roughly 20% vs. 13%). Our  KnotRite nylon rope is 100% nylon and will have a bit more stretch than our 100%  polyester or solid braid offerings.

UV, Abrasion and Mold resistance and strength are all about the same!

What about dyeing? – KnotRite nylon is recommended for dying as it is our 100% nylon offering, and polyester does not readily accept dyes.

What about the cost? – Nylon is a more expensive fiber to work with, so going with 100% polyester costs less for equivalent performance. In other words you save!

How can I find the difference myself?

If the product floats, it’s neither nylon nor polyester. Often, a much less costly fiber and less durable fiber (ie polypropylene) is mixed in with the product.

If the product has a brittle feel to it it’s probably not polyester or nylon but more than likely monofilament.

Chemical test (be careful). Real Nylon will dissolve in any product that contains hydrochloric acid. Polyester will not. Products such as muriatic acid contain hydrochloric acid. Be very careful and follow all safety instructions on labels. Your hardware store should be able to assist.Take advantage of our contact email for any application questions you may have. 

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