What Is Paracord?

Paracord, aka parachute cord or 550 cord, is used as a general purpose utility cord. It was originally used as the parachute line used during World War 2. Once in the field, Paratroopers found that their paracord could be re purposed for numerous applications. They would find ways to carry extra paracord with them due to how useful it was, be it as a bracelet or by replacing their shoelaces.

Nowadays paracord or 550 cord is sometimes used to reference a general utility cord, not necessarily having the above mentioned characteristics. A true 550 cord is a nylon sheath with a number (usually 7) of twisted nylon strands in the center, 550 lb break, and usually 5/32” in diameter. Rest assured our paracord is the real deal.

We will be occasionally revisiting the discussion on paracord and looking deeper into its various utility uses, as well as some craft projects you can take on to always have some handy. You will be amazed at how versatile such a small cord can be.