Turk’s Knot With 1/8″ Polyester Rope

We have been looking at the creative and crafty uses of our rope and cord much more recently.

We took a shot at making some Turk’s Head Knot Bracelets following a guide on Animatedknots.com. We used our 1/8″ Polyester Rope to make these, and simply melted the ends and fused them to the inside of the bracelet. You may also be able to glue them, just be sure you don’t use anything that will irritate your skin!

This was a quick and easy project, should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

I wish there was some way to do this with bungee cord, though I am not sure how I would terminate the ends. Any ideas?

We hope to spotlight more DIY projects going forward using our own rope and bungee. Any requests or suggestions please message us or post to our Facebook or Twitter!

Thanks to Animtedknots.com for the great easy to follow guide! http://www.animatedknots.com/turkshead