5/8″ Twisted Combo 3 Strand Poly Dacron Rope

SKU: TCR58ComboRope

5/8″ Twisted Combo 3 Strand Poly Dacron Rope


Made in the USA

Discover the perfect balance of strength & minimal stretch with our durable 5/8″ Poly Dacron 3 Strand Twisted Combo Rope. Ideal for contractors, boaters, & arborists. This rope combines elemental resilience & UV resistance with the remarkable strength & reduced stretch of Dacron polyester. Our poly dacron rope can handle some of your most unforgiving jobs, again & again.

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Weight 12.8 lbs



White and Blue

Avg. Break Strength

6,300 lbs


Get the ultimate combination of strength, low stretch, & durability with our 5/8″ Twisted Combo 3 Strand Poly Dacron Rope. Designed for contractors, boaters, & arborists seeking a robust & reliable solution for any situation.

Crafted with QNR’s specialized precision, this rope features a unique blend of materials, combining polyolefin’s UV & abrasion resistance with Poly Dacron’s strength & minimal stretch properties. This ensures exceptional performance in demanding environments no matter the weather.

The 5/8″ diameter provides a balanced thickness suitable for heavy-duty construction, marine applications, & tree care. Our 5/8″ diameter rope also offers excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, & weather conditions that others rope wither away from.

This combo rope’s standout feature is its low stretch capability, maintaining tension & integrity under tension for secure & stable load-bearing needs. All while its 3-strand twisted poly Dacron construction ensures good grip, efficient knot tying, & user-friendly handling during crucial operations. Embrace the strength & reliability of our 5/8″ Twisted Combo 3 Strand Poly Dacron Rope, the go-to choice for excellence in your toughest jobs.


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