5/16″ Cotton Rope Sash Cord

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5/16″ Cotton Rope Sash Cord

(1 customer review)


Made in the USA

Experience the strength and aesthetic appeal of our 5/16″ Cotton Rope Sash Cord. Constructed with a blend of Cotton and Polyester, this rope combines the strength & durability of Polyester with the natural feel & appearance of Cotton. With its natural cotton color, it is ideal for various applications including flagpole halyards, utility, and general use.

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Discover the versatility and aesthetic appeal of our 5/16″ Cotton Rope Sash Cord. This rope is specially constructed with a Cotton and Polyester blend, combining the best qualities of both materials. It offers the strength & durability of Polyester while providing the feel & appearance of Cotton.

The Cotton and Polyester blend ensures that the rope maintains its strength and integrity even in demanding applications. The Polyester component enhances the rope’s tensile strength, making it suitable for various tasks that require reliable performance. Meanwhile, the Cotton component contributes to the rope’s softness and natural appearance, giving it a classic & timeless appeal. The natural cotton color adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to your projects. Whether you’re using it for flagpole halyards, utility applications, or general use, its aesthetic appeal enhances the overall visual appeal of your setup.

Our 5/16″ Cotton Rope Sash Cord is designed for versatility. Experience the combination of Polyester strength and Cotton aesthetics, providing durability and a classic appearance.

1 review for 5/16″ Cotton Rope Sash Cord

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We have been looking for a good quality braided cotton rope for a long time. I’m glad we found this one. The rope is strong but not harsh to the touch. Highly recommended for applications that need an attractive, strong but soft rope.

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