3/8″ Black Twisted Polypropylene Rope 3 Strand

SKU: T12B600

3/8″ Black Twisted Polypropylene Rope 3 Strand


Globally Sourced Materials

Get the strength & versatility of our 3/8″ Twisted 3 Strand Polypropylene Rope in Black. Our most popular synthetic rope, it features a strong 3 strand twisted design that ensures reliable strength. With its ultra-lightweight materials & resistance to UV rays, mold, mildew, & chemicals, this rope is up to any task you have. Available in spools.


Weight 17 lbs






Get the exceptional strength & versatility of our 3/8″ Black Twisted Polypropylene Rope 3 Strand, the most popular synthetic rope on the market. This rope is highly regarded for its durability & reliability, not matter if used indoors or outdoors.

The rope’s twisted 3 strand construction provides strength & stability, allowing it to stand up to the most demanding tasks. Whether you’re using it for general use applications, boating, camping, or structure support, this rope offers reliable performance no matter the conditions.

The rope is resistant to UV sunlight exposure, ensuring its durability even in outdoor environments. Additionally, it is resistant to mold, mildew, & chemicals, making it one of the most durable twisted polypropylene ropes on the market.

The rope remains lightweight, ensuring easy handling& maneuverability without sacrificing strength. This makes it a practical choice for applications where weight does matter, such as in backpacking, hiking, or other activities where mobility is essential.

Our 3/8″ Black Twisted Polypropylene Rope 3 Strand has the strength, twisted construction, ultra-lightweight design, & resistance to mold, UV, mildew, & chemicals, to meet the demands of any job. Trust in one of the most versatile ropes that is widely recognized for its performance. Available in various spool lengths.


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