3/4″ Twisted Manila Rope x 100 ft

SKU: Manila24S100

3/4″ Twisted Manila Rope x 100 ft


Globally Sourced Materials

Discover the versatility & natural beauty of our 3/4″ Twisted Manila rope. This rope is perfect for decorative purposes, assorted crafts, & various other applications.

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Weight 13.9 lbs



Experience the versatility & natural appeal of our 3/4″ Twisted Manila rope. This rope is ideal for a wide range of applications, including decorative projects, assorted crafts, & more.

The twisted Manila rope adds a rustic & authentic touch to your projects. Whether you’re creating decorative accents, designing unique crafts, or incorporating natural elements into your work, this rope provides a classic & timeless look.

The 3/4″ diameter of this Manila rope strikes a perfect balance between strength & manageability. It offers a substantial thickness that adds visual impact to your projects while still providing flexibility for ease of handling. Whether you need to create knots, wrap objects, or add texture to your designs, this rope offers versatility & convenience.

With its natural Manila color, this rope complements various aesthetics and design styles. The earthy tones of Manila create a warm & inviting atmosphere, making it suitable for rustic, coastal, or bohemian-inspired projects.

Whether you’re enhancing your home décor, organizing events, or engaging in DIY crafts, this rope adds a touch of natural beauty. Upgrade your projects with our 3/4″ Twisted Manila rope & experience its versatility, natural appeal, & endless creative possibilities.


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