7/64″ Kevlar Core Rope with Polyester Jacket

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7/64″ Kevlar Core Rope with Polyester Jacket


Made in the USA

Experience the perfect blend of strength and low stretch with our 7/64″ Kevlar Core with Polyester Jacket Rope. This lightweight and durable rope features a high-strength Kevlar® core combined with a UV- and abrasion-resistant polyester jacket. Ideal for guy lines, tie-downs, and lacing applications, this rope provides excellent performance in various outdoor settings.

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Weight 1 lbs




Break Strength

590 lbs.


Our 7/64″ Kevlar Core Rope with Polyester Jacket offers a reliable and versatile solution for your outdoor needs. With its unique construction, this rope combines the strength and low stretch properties of Kevlar® with the durability and protection of a polyester jacket.

The Kevlar® core provides exceptional strength and rigidity, ensuring the rope can withstand heavy loads and demanding applications. This high-strength core is lightweight, making the rope easy to handle and transport. Additionally, the Kevlar® core offers very low stretch, providing stability and maintaining tension even under pressure.

The polyester jacket that surrounds the Kevlar® core adds crucial protection to the rope. It offers excellent UV resistance, shielding the rope from the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure. The jacket is also abrasion resistant, reducing wear and tear caused by friction and rough surfaces. This enhances the longevity and durability of the rope, ensuring it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

With its impressive strength, low stretch, and lightweight design, our 7/64″ Kevlar Core with Polyester Jacket Rope is ideal for various applications. It excels as guy lines for tents and tarps, providing stability and security. It can be used for tie-downs, keeping items securely in place during transportation or outdoor activities. Additionally, it is suitable for lacing applications, offering a strong and reliable fastening solution.

Weighing just 5 ounces per 100 feet, this rope is lightweight and easy to carry, making it a convenient choice for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hikers, and adventurers. Its versatility and performance make it a valuable tool in various outdoor settings.

Choose our 7/64″ Kevlar Core Rope with Polyester Jacket for its strength, low stretch, and durability. Experience the reliability and performance of this rope in your guy lines, tie-downs, and lacing applications, and enjoy its lightweight design for effortless handling and transport.


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