Manila Rope

Ropes are useful for many different purposes and they differ greatly, depending on the size, texture, length, and the material they’re made of. Manila rope is made out of hemp fibers, which are highly absorbent and have very minimal stretchiness. It is also known for being resistant to heat and UV rays, is very durable, and holds knots very well. Relatively inexpensive, manila rope is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and is one of the most commonly used ropes.

Manila ropes are used mainly for outdoor applications, especially for landscaping or gardening.

  • Landscaping — Landscapers use it for decoration purposes–such as creating rope bridges and fence making.
  • Gardening — Since manila ropes are resistant to the heat and UV rays, it is a great rope to use when gardening in the sun. Its minimal stretchiness enables it to be used as barriers, enhance walkways in the garden, and create borders.

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