Make Your Own Bungee Cord With The QNR DIY Bungee Kit

Do you love feeling a sense of accomplishment? Like when you’ve finished a tough project and you can finally sit back and appreciate the efforts of your hard work? If so, DIY projects just might be the thing for you. At Quality Nylon Rope, we have a DIY kit to help satisfy your need to be creative.

Check out our DIY bungee kit at QNR. Find out what comes inside and what you can do with it:

What Is In The DIY Bungee Kit?

The DIY bungee kit at QNR includes everything you need to create your own bungee cord, complete with hooks, and to any length you desire, right at home.

Inside the kit, you’ll find:

●Hog ring pliers

●60 + hog rings

●24 PVC coated coiled metal bungee hooks

●120 feet of 5/16” polyester bungee cord.

Do you have a specific project in mind? When you order the DIY bungee kit at QNR, you can personally select the color of the polyester bungee cord.

The kit is available in eight different colors: black, white, natural with black tracer, blue, red, hunter green, neon orange, and yellow.

Want to browse all of the colors for yourself? Take a look at QNR’s DIY bungee kit here.

What Are The Benefits Of The QNR DIY Bungee Kit?

If you feel like you already know how to assemble a bungee cord on your own, you might wonder: why do I need this kit?

The DIY bungee kit at QNR is all about helping you get what you need faster, more easily, and at a more affordable price.

It helps you save money. It is more economical to use the DIY bungee kit than to buy all of the products you’ll need separately. In the long run, you’re going to save money.

(An added plus: the DIY bungee kit qualifies for FREE SHIPPING from QNR’s website.)

It is more convenient. Rather than scouring random hardware stores to find all of the supplies you need, with one click on QNR’s website, you can get all of the tools you need for you bungee cord project in one fell swoop.

The DIY bungee kit helps you get what you need more quickly and more easily.

What Are Some Bungee Applications?

If you don’t have a specific project in mind, do you wonder what you can do with the DIY bungee kit from QNR? There are dozens of possibilities. Here are a few ideas:

Outdoor applications

Use the DIY bungee kit for your next camping or hiking adventure. A bungee cord can help you anchor tarps and awnings or secure a light load that you’re traveling with. It is strong, and resistant to UV light, making it a great choice for outdoor use.

Indoor applications

If you don’t see yourself going camping anytime soon, bring the DIY bungee kit indoors for some crafting.

Think bungee cord is just for industrial purposes? Think again! Especially with the colored cords offered in our DIY bungee kit, you can get creative and use bungee cords to make anything from fun bracelets to makeshift shelving.

Marine applications

One of the most popular uses for bungee cords is out on the water. For example, when you create your own custom cord using QNR’s DIY bungee kit, you can use it as a deck line on your kayak or canoe.

You might already use the selection of bungee cords at QNR to help you complete your projects. Now, with our DIY bungee kit, you can take that sense of creativity one step further.

Build your own bungee cord to the exact specifications you desire.

Find the QNR DIY bungee kit here.

Or visit QNR to see more options of bungee shock cord