DIY Bungee Hooks – Make Your Own To Length With First Quality Materials

We have been expanding our offering, and one area we are targeting is the do-it-yourselfers. With this in mind we have created a DIY bungee kit, which provides you with all the hardware and materials needed to create bungee hooks to the length you need. Additionally you will be using our high quality bungee made with all 1st quality latex rubber, and a durable polyester jacket for longer life.

While some customers may be familiar with the construction of a bungee cord, most people probably haven’t considered it. In order to educate our customer and help them properly construct their bungee cord’s with hooks, we have created a short DIY guide.

BungeeHookHowTo 12-12-13

As you can see, assembling these could not be more straight forward. You are also provided with over twice the hog rings required to assemble, meaning you can resize or remake the bungee hooks as you need.