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Small Watercraft & Kayak Deck Lines

Deck lines are one of the most overlooked parts of having a kayak or small watercraft. Having the right deck lines can save you from having to replace them frequently due to UV damage or wear. Deck lines consist of both static deck lines that are strong and stable and will not stretch, and dynamic deck lines that stretch allowing you to secure your gear in place.

Static deck lines include perimeter lines and anchor lines. Our 3/16” Black Polyester Rope is a popular choice with our kayak customers for this application as it won’t shrink when wet and has high resistance to both UV light abrasion.

Dynamic deck lines can come in many different configurations depending on the kayak, and are often found in an “X” pattern. These are used to stow your gear on top of the kayak for easy access. These lines are sold as bungee cord, stretch cord or shock cord. Our bungee cords are made with high quality rubber and a UV stabilized jacket for long life on the water. Two popular products for this are our 3/16” Black Polyester Bungee and our 1/4” Neon Orange Polyester Bungee, though we offer a range of other colors to choose from.

Our rope and bungee cord is made in the USA at our facility in Rhode Island and goes through a comprehensive testing process, so you can be sure it’s ready for any marine application.

Check out our entire selection of kayak deck lines and rope for other small watercraft below!

Rope Type
4000 ft Spool
50 ft Bulk
100 ft Bulk
600 ft Spool
250 ft Spool
500 ft Spool
1000 ft Spool
1200 ft Spool
2000 ft Spool
3000 ft Spool
5000 ft Spool